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Testapower Vending The Future of Vending

All of our vending machines offer premium quality phone accessories at affordable prices.


Utilising Testapower innovation we have designed our products to be reliable and user friendly and to provide you with the best quality and serviceability possible. 

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Travelling Essentials - For all your Essential Needs

As the name clearly describes, this vending machine is designed to dispense all of your most popular travelling essentials, whether it be a cold refreshing beverage to quench your thirst, a quick snack, or even a power bank or charging cable to re-charge your phone. Testapower has infused their quality tech accessories within these machines in combination with their Travelling Essentials to make sure you're always covered when out and about. 

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Automated Income for Life

We can show you how to enjoy life knowing you have a secure, passive income offering 100% returns on all products supplied by Testapower. Whether you're a franchisee or a wholesale holder, have the peace of mind knowing that you are part of a great team continuously designing great new products for our customers to return time and time again.

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