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How we started


Testapower originally started in July 2000 on a rainy day, when during dinner, the electricity on my property failed. This would happen regularly during storms, and so being fed up with this happening again and again, I decided to create an advanced and silenced power backup system that would automatically engage and restore power to my property instantly for when blackouts occur. Since then Testapower has evolved to manufacturing phone accessories including power banks, cables and headphones etc. Testapower also proudly manufactures and designs many other various electronic products that are reliable and most often comes with our 2 year to lifetime warranties. 

For 20 years now we have gained a lot of experience when it comes to providing reliability, our company is constantly engaged in cutting edge technology, improvements in the electronics market and are actively creating, sourcing and presenting innovative products that last, making any purchase from us one you can trust and enjoy.

 Why Testapower?

We here at Testapower take pride in our products and always rigorously tests all of the products that we offer. Whether we manufacture or source our products elsewhere, doing thorough testing gives you complete peace of mind for quality before even having to consider price and value for money.

Testapower chooses to manufacture most of their own products, or in some cases, we import directly from well researched and of well conducted vigorous tests from manufacturers all around the world. Within in that decision on how we have chosen to process our production line, we can always ensure that you will get the best possible price for the highest quality products available.

Unfortunately anything electronic can fail from time to time. However at Testapower, we make it easy for all our customers that may have any defect or problems with any of our branded Testapower products that may arise, we are always happy to help quickly, efficiently and professionally as soon  as possible. We pride ourselves to give our customers the upmost best in customer service.

We are aware and understand that there are a lot of products in the market place today, and when making a decision on your purchases it can be at times quite consuming and confusing due to price differences, range and quality. That is why at Testapower, we make it easier for you. You never have to waste time or worrisome again, as we guarantee both the greatest price and optimum quality that money can buy and if your not happy with anything we do, please feel free to let us know. 



Jeff Testa

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