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Commercial UPS Systems

Testapower has a range that will suite most commercial needs

Product Description


POWERWELL series Online HF UPS 3/3phase 120-120kva,380/400/415Vac

(10-40kva,200/208/220Vac 3-3phase , transformerless available)


HRD Powerwell serial 3 phase UPS offers advanced technology that increase performance and reliability.3nos high speed DSPs with completed digital control fully to ensure high quality of power supply,high input power factor makes UPS green energy saving power, it also offers humanization design: full front access of service ability, user-friendly interface.

Perfect Applications:

Internet Servor ,Internet Data Center), Medium-scale network system / computing center, bank and securities, business server group, Medium-scale office automation, precision equipment, etc.


Features: complete digital control technology

Fully digital control with two DSPs, all the subsystems are digital controlled including the IGBT rectifier, inverter, charger, discharger.


Excellent electrical properties

True online double conversion instruction offers the safe and effective power protection for various loads, with strong output load capacity;

High input power factor, green and energy-saving

Input end with PFC and input PF of the whole UPS up to 0.99;

Dual AC input source supportable

Allowable AC and bypass 2 input ac source.


Comprehensive protection measures: 

Surge Protection, short circuit protection, and other protection to ensure the reliability of UPS;

IGBT and SCR adopts the advanced EUPEC power module;

The adoption of advanced technology (IGBT driving technology, IGBT soft over-current shutdown) improves the reliability and safety of inverter.


Similar modular design

Each phase main board are designed as rackmounts for easy assembling and maintenance

Inbuilt battery pack plug-in design for easy use.

Intelligent battery management (ABM)


Adopting the intelligent battery management:

Intelligent interval  three-stage charging process( constant current,constant voltage, float charging and charger shut off, when battery voltage decrease to a lower level, charger restarts to work)

temperature compensation, to extremely extend battery life and minimize the maintaining work;


Online detecting battery status,

The max battery charging current can set by end users according to the battery features, to avoid any damage caused by the big charging current;

Back up time displayed on the LCD screen

Periodic self-test battery, detecting the battery problems timely;

With battery inverse connection, over voltage / current protection, to protect the battery;


Cold start and  AC start Function

Directly start the UPS through battery or start UPS through Mains only.

Superior network monitoring capabilities 

Communication port (RS232, USB, and so on) connecting with computer,SNMP card optional,

Easy-maintenance design

a) Adopts the full front maintenance design, reducing the restrictions

on the installation space, and saving the space of computing center;

b)Modular design class, convenient and easy site maintenance;

c) With manual maintain bypass,

d)Battery replacement without disrupting the UPS running;

e) Historical records search function, events up to1,000 items;

Friendly interface with Large LCD

 Large LCD display and LED status indication; Abundant information display of UPS;


                                                                                                                        Technical Specifications:



20KVA/18kw,±192/216/240Vdc,standard model, 3 phase


$ 13,999

30KVA/27KW,±192/216/240Vdc,standard model, 3 phase


$ 15,999

40kva/36Kw,±192/216/240Vdc,standard model, 3 phase



60kva/54Kw,±192/216/240Vdc,,long run model, 3 phase



80kva/72Kw,±192/216/240Vdc,,long run model, 3 phase

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