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With new and ever changing technology it can sometimes be confusing when trying to make a decision on which product is best suited to your needs, by taking into consideration of quality and price point. So we have decided to help you by providing you with some interesting facts to help you with your next purchase.

Don’t be fooled with mAh. A lot of cheap Power banks state that they are 100,000mAh and quite often they actually are not.

In a recent test we conducted, we compared a 5000mAh Green Power Bank (commonly found on eBay for around $9.00) with one of our own small  X1 Testapower banks and the results showed that not only was the X1 Testapower bank rated at only 2200mAh (and is only half the size and weight), it fully charged an iPhone 5 twice as fast and out performed the $9.00 Power bank from eBay that was rated at 5200mAh which only charged the phone to 55%. So in this particular case, the saying ‘You only get what you pay for’ does seem applicable.

When choosing Power banks make sure you are purchasing from a reputable specialist in Power banks, like Testapower. By skimping and buying the cheaper, and in all likelihood, not as rigorously tested ones will not only fail sooner, they risk damaging your phone beyond repair and the faults you can potentially experience can even cause death! 

What to look out for when purchasing a Power bank.

1. What type of batteries are being used in that Power bank? 

When grocery shopping, we all understand the difference between buying a cheap battery which will only last a quarter of the time of what a lithium battery will. Think of this when you purchase Power banks for your phone or device too, the same principle applies. That's why here at Testapower we take pride in our product and only use top quality lithium ion batteries for our power banks, to ensure our customers always receive quality and reliability. 

2. Good construction ensures a long life! 

Our X range Power banks use a super tough plastic with a rubber feel finish. They are one of the most durable portable devices on the market today with a 2 year structural guarantee.

A lot of the cheaper products that we have tested have failed many structural tests. The tests that we have conducted included dropping them from a height of 2 metres and running over them with a vehicle.

3. The Plug Test

Testapower banks have been tested by plugging the USB in and removing it 1,000 times over.

This is important to note as most tests carried out on cheaper devices often fail after only 100 plug ins. 

4. Electronics are very important!

Most cheap Power banks when they run out of power will make your phone switch on and off repeatedly causing possible serious damage to your device. Testapower banks will always stop charging completely as they hit 0 protecting any sensitive devices you may have.

We hope that information provided has helped you in making your decisions in what to look out for on your next purchase on a power bank. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

Powerbank Facts

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