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We are pleased to present Testapower Automated Kiosks

There are 2 popular models to choose from and being positioned in convenient locations such as travel hubs, shopping centres and hospitality venues, they provide handy and popular products in times where you might need them the most.

Testa Power Kiosks are the new generation of automated retailing with the most exciting, high quality and in demand electronic products on display. With a sleek design and a small footprint, our attractive Kiosks sit comfortably in many locations. 

Travelling Essentials Automated Kiosks

We also work with the Travelling Essentials Kiosks who provide customers with Medical and Hygienic products, snacks, drinks, other phone accessories and now with our Testapower brand products. To bring a new and much valued, reliable service to the traveller in inconvenient times. 

Enquire now for more information on Testapower Kiosks.

24 Hour Automated Kiosks

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